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Summer Camp

We will have a 2017 Summer Camp at Off The Wall. During the week we will participate in a variety of activities including running, soccer, capture the flag, touch football, basketball, lacrosse, wiffleball, and kickball. We may use area parks in the mornings to play outside. We believe that it's important for kids to be exposed to many different sports and activities. We emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship and personal improvement.

Dates: 6/12 - 8/25 Mon-Fri.

Hours: 7:30am-6:00pm

Cost: $140/week

Ages:  7-12

You pack a lunch for them and we provide 2 daily snacks.

Typical day:
7:30-9am - Campers arrive and participate in free play.

9am-12pm - Leave the facility to participate in offsite activities or stay at Off The Wall and play indoors.   We leave about 40% of the time.

12-1pm - Return to Off The Wall for lunch

1-4pm - Organized play at Off The Wall in our AIR CONDITIONED facility

4-6pm - Free play - Parent pick-up

Register on-line using the links below.  


Summer Camp

Summer Camp 7:30am - 6pm.

Drop off from 7:30-9am

Pick-up anytime after 1pm.

07/24 - 28

Registration Dates: 01/03/2017 to 07/24/2017
Start and End Dates: 07/24/2017 to 07/28/2017

07/31 - 08/04

Registration Dates: 01/03/2017 to 07/31/2017
Start and End Dates: 07/31/2017 to 08/04/2017

08/07 - 11

Registration Dates: 01/03/2017 to 08/07/2017
Start and End Dates: 08/07/2017 to 08/11/2017

08/14 - 18

Registration Dates: 01/13/2017 to 08/13/2017
Start and End Dates: 08/14/2017 to 08/18/2017

08/21 - 25

Registration Dates: 01/13/2017 to 08/20/2017
Start and End Dates: 08/21/2017 to 08/25/2017
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